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Airborne Imaging Specialist
(Payload Operator & Geospatial Analyst)

We're hiring an

Position Description:
The Overwatch Airborne Imaging Specialist will operate Overwatch
imaging systems and generate maps and other derived information products for customers in
critical civil, industrial, and specialty applications, while providing feedback to drive continuous
product improvement.
Company Description:
Overwatch Imaging is changing the way airborne image-based intelligence is created. Rooted in the airborne  intelligence technology cluster of Hood River, Oregon, Overwatch Imaging is revolutionizing human understanding of the world through computer vision-optimized sensing. Overwatch makes customized imaging payloads designed for mission-critical, automated remote sensing roles. Our products allow mid-sized UAS and general aviation aircraft to collect precision survey maps, conduct autonomous search and detection, and provide real-time image-based intelligence to users. Overwatch payloads feature actively stabilized multi-band cameras combined with onboard image processing and AI software, which we leverage to reduce operator workload, identify hard-to-find small signals in large datasets, and accelerate data transformation into knowledge.
Major Areas of Responsibility:
  • Payload Operations: Works directly with customers at operating sites as an imaging
    system expert, collecting airborne imagery with Overwatch payloads, supporting mission
    planning to optimize data value, and creating derived information products (maps,
    annotated images, reports, etc) for end-users.
  • GIS Map and Photogrammetry Product Generation: Creates deliverable outputs from
    Overwatch payload raw and auto-processed data, including fire maps and large area
    orthomosaics. Generates templates and work instructions for the related software.
  • Payload Technical Documentation and Training: Develops and maintains user manuals,
    quick reference cards and training materials, and trains payload users how to effectively
    collect and process high-quality data.
  • Product Evaluation and Continuous Improvement: Tests new payloads and associated
    software, collects sample data, conducts demonstrations, and organizes product
    feedback and improvement opportunities.
Experience and Education:
  • Experience in deployed operational settings (military, wildland firefighting, or
    similar) and/or providing product training to operators.
  • Training and hands-on professional experience with GIS software tools and map
    creation, especially in compliance with US fire mapping standards (ex: 
  • Experience with airborne imaging systems and ISR applications and tools.
  • Experience with defect reporting and tracking tools a plus.
  • 2+ years of experience with a Bachelor’s degree in a technical field, or
  • 4+ years of experience in a relevant operational setting.
Technical Competence:
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with fluency in MS Office.
  • ESRI ArcGIS, Global Mapper or similar GIS software.
  • Aviation systems and remote sensing.
  • Photography and video imagery collection.
Character Attributes:
  • Comfortable and confident working alongside customers at remote locations.
  • Highly motivated tech-savvy self-starter able to work independently.
  • Extraordinarily professional and calm under pressure.
  • Collaborates well in a small team environment.
  • Enjoys hands-on work and learning new skills.
This position is based in Hood River, Oregon, and requires travel up to 50%. All applicants must be authorized to work on a permanent basis in the United States.

What We Offer:

  • Growth Opportunities: As a team member of a true startup, you will learn by doing and shape our future. The opportunities are limitless for those who want to grow their career.

  • Impact Opportunity: We work on missions that matter to keep people safe and make the world better, and we do it without bureaucracy at the speed of a startup.

  • Team Collaboration: Work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment with amazing teammates. The Overwatch Imaging leadership team believes in an open-door policy, meaning everyone has a voice and access to guidance, advice, feedback, and the ability to pitch crazy new products or ideas.

  • Late Start Wednesday: You will look forward to Wednesdays! We start work at 1pm every Wednesday!

  • Time Off: Generous PTO to empower employees to make decisions about work life balance based on work and home needs.

  • Holidays: Overwatch Imaging recognizes 10 company holidays.

  • Ownership: Equity/Stock Options in our rapidly growing company.

  • Health Benefits: Medical/Dental premiums 100% covered by Overwatch Imaging for employees and their families, plus available pre-tax health savings account.

  • 401K: Employer matching contributions up to 4% of pay.

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