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Automated Intelligence Product Manager

We're hiring an

Position Description:
The Overwatch Imaging Automated Intelligence Product Manager will lead the development and lifecycle of software to automate the delivery of critical intelligence from airborne imaging systems. Working with a team of software engineers and in close connection with customers, company leadership, business development, and smart sensors teams, this senior leader will define and implement the vision for Overwatch AI.
Company Description:
Overwatch Imaging is automating the collection, analysis, and delivery of time-critical geospatial intelligence for missions that matter. Overwatch AI software automatically manages airborne sensors through smart pointing commands, automated detection of objects of interest, and computer-generated reporting of intelligence outputs for communications-efficient distribution. Overwatch smart sensors are multi-camera, multi-spectral stabilized airborne payloads designed for automated operation by edge computers rather than human sensor operators. Together, our capabilities enable life-saving agencies to scan wide areas and find small objects of interest, faster and more efficiently than with human-in-the-loop systems, so our customers can focus less on the search and more on the best response.
What You’ll Work On:
The ideal candidate will be strong in many of these areas:
  • Overwatch AI Product Vision: Defines the technology roadmap and key features of our automated intelligence software 3- to 18-months out with consideration for impact, market adoption, technical risk and implementation effort.
  • AI Software Technical Leadership: Working individually as well as with and through other software engineers, implements prototype and deployable solutions using computer vision, machine learning, neural nets, probabilistic programming, and heuristics learned from real world experience.
  • Image Data Processing: Develops and improves software for real-time automatic object detection and classification; develops tools, datasets and workflows to support the continuous improvement of automated ‘thingfinding’ software.
  • Human-Machine and Machine-to-Machine Interfaces: Identifies and implements solutions for automated sensor tasking and automated intelligence reporting.
  • Company Building: Works with the executive leadership team as an expert and advocate for autonomy and AI; supports customer capture and fundraising efforts; attracts and inspires a world-class team to realize our vision.
What You’ll Bring:

Experience and Education:
  • Experience designing and implementing autonomy software in industry, particularly in aerospace and defense, self-driving cars, or similar applications.
  • Expertise in computer vision and machine learning with imagery.
  • Experience with professional software development, including version control software tools and branch management.
  • Experience with software business models and scaling software operations, especially in edge implementations.
  • Experience with airborne or space-based sensor operations and geospatial intelligence, from prior military service or similar, is highly desired.
  • MS or PhD in computer science, robotics, computational cognition, artificial intelligence or a similar field is highly desired.
Technical Competence:
  • Translating customer inputs and executive vision into software tasks and plans.
  • Programming with C++, Python, CUDA, OpenCV, MATLAB and similar for deployment on Linux operating systems and GPU-accelerated hardware.
  • Familiarity with visible-band and thermal imagery, data formatting and transfer, control systems, and geolocation technologies.
  • Edge processing implementation with parallel programming, multithreading, and algorithm optimization a plus.
  • Uses terms like transformers, testing, segmentation, schedule, recall and revenue comfortably and correctly
Character Attributes:
  • Thrives in a dynamic, fast-paced, venture-backed startup business environment
  • Motivates and inspires teammates by demonstrating a prodigious work ethic
  • Collaborates well in a small team environment with teammates and customers
  • Enjoys hands-on work, learning new skills, and taking responsible risks
  • Takes pride in seeing new products reach operational use quickly

What We Offer:

  • Growth Opportunities: As a team member of a true startup, you will learn by doing and shape our future. The opportunities are limitless for those who want to grow their career.

  • Impact Opportunity: We work on missions that matter to keep people safe and make the world better, and we do it without bureaucracy at the speed of a startup.

  • Team Collaboration: Work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment with amazing teammates. The Overwatch Imaging leadership team believes in an open-door policy, meaning everyone has a voice and access to guidance, advice, feedback, and the ability to pitch crazy new products or ideas.

  • Late Start Wednesday: You will look forward to Wednesdays! We start work at 1pm every Wednesday!

  • Time Off: Generous PTO to empower employees to make decisions about work life balance based on work and home needs.

  • Holidays: Overwatch Imaging recognizes 10 company holidays.

  • Ownership: Equity/Stock Options in our rapidly growing company.

  • Health Benefits: Medical/Dental premiums 100% covered by Overwatch Imaging for employees and their families, plus available pre-tax health savings account.

  • 401K: Employer matching contributions up to 4% of pay.

  • Remote Friendly: Depending on the role, part or full time remote or work-from-home arrangements may be an option. 

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