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Software Manager

Position Description:

The Overwatch Imaging Software Manager will lead the company’s software team and function.  This agile, detail-oriented emerging leader will be responsible for the company’s biggest growth area.  As the owner of our Jira task management system, the developer of software team skills, processes and tools, and the interface between our software team and its stakeholders, the Software Manager will have a tremendous impact both within the company and with our users.

Company Description:

Overwatch Imaging is changing the way airborne image-based intelligence is created. Rooted in the airborne intelligence and drone technology cluster of Hood River, Oregon, Overwatch Imaging is revolutionizing human understanding of the world through computer vision-optimized sensing. Overwatch Imaging makes customized imaging payloads designed for mission-critical, automated remote sensing roles. Our products allow tactical UAS and general aviation aircraft to automatically detect small targets, collect precision survey maps, conduct autonomous search, and provide real-time image-based intelligence to users. Overwatch Imaging payloads feature autonomously gimballed cameras combined with onboard image processing and AI software, which we leverage to reduce operator workload, accelerate data processing workflows, and identify hard-to-find small signals from large datasets.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

The ideal candidate will be strong in many of the following areas:

  • Software Development Project Management: maintains Jira-based task management tool and oversees team tasking using agile techniques; delivers software releases on scope and schedule by monitoring development status and schedules, mitigating risks, prioritizing key tasks, and communicating internally and externally; blends shorter-term needs with longer-term goals.

  • Software Team Management: manages, coaches and builds our team of software engineers; develops and maintains team processes, tools, training materials and testing resources; leads code reviews and performance reviews.

  • Product Strategy and Company Building: participates with product and program managers, business development and the executive team to set software priorities and allocate resources; supports development of a recurring revenue business model with continuous software deployment in the aerospace environment; recruits a world-class team of office-based and remote teammates.

Experience and Education:​

  • Experience leading software engineers of all levels in an agile environment

  • Experience managing professional software development operations, including version control software tools and branch management

  • Experience with automated systems and imaging systems

  • Experience with software testing and quality assurance

  • BS degree in a technical field required, advanced degree related to software, automation, or engineering leadership desired

Technical Competence:

  • Agile software sprint leadership

  • Translating near- and longer-term desires into tasks, and tasks into delivered results

  • Performance feedback and employee skill development; ability to participate in code reviews and technical direction discussions a significant plus

  • Familiarity with imaging and image data, data formatting, geospatial information, systems, automation techniques, machine learning and computer vision

Character Attributes:

  • Thrives in a dynamic, fast-paced small startup business environment 

  • Motivates and inspires teammates by demonstrating a prodigious work ethic

  • Collaborates well in a small team environment with teammates and customers

  • Enjoys hands-on work and learning new skills  

  • Takes pride in winning business and maintaining happy customers 



This position is based in Hood River, Oregon, and requires occasional business travel and work in and around light aircraft. All applicants must be authorized to work on a permanent basis in the United States.