Overwatch Imaging Oceanwatch makes over-water maritime patrol and search much more effective. The airborne imaging systems help organizations quickly search and find what they are looking for in vast stretches of ocean. It is ideal for long-range boat detection for counter-narcotics, fisheries management and enforcement, and search and rescue spotting.


Using Infrared cameras, Night Oceanwatch automatically scans the area around the host aircraft. Overwatch Imaging’s proprietary software combines Autonomous Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect boats in the water at night. Upon detection, Oceanwatch alerts the user, provides the geolocation and an image chip. This enables the operator to command a video payload to slew to the location for closer inspection. While the video payload inspects the image, Night Oceanwatch continues to scan the ocean, searching for boats, providing users greater nighttime situational awareness.

Automatic maritime target detection

Oceanwatch is an image-based radar system that enables 100x faster search for small or long-range maritime objects than traditional maritime patrol systems that use video gimbals alone. The high-resolution cameras in Oceanwatch quickly find objects that are too small to detect with traditional radar systems. 


Our imaging system uses a purpose-built multi-camera gimbal with onboard AI software to automatically detect and locate objects of interest. The AI software enables specific object classification, which allows fine-tuning of the system to detect or respond differently to specific types of vessels or other objects in the water.


Oceanwatch outputs the geolocation coordinates of detected objects in standard formats, enabling cross-cueing of video gimbals for additional object analysis.


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