Maritime Search and Patrol


What was the problem Schiebel needed solved? Wide area search-A few years ago we were tasked by a European NGO to help find African migrants in very small boats in the Mediterranean Sea, although we were very successful (32,000 souls saved). We appreciated the weakness of our system of not having a wide area optical sensor.

Summary: "Greg and his team provided us that superb sensor. Schiebel have integrated many sensors on the S-100 over the years and without exception everybody was uniquely impressed with both the ease of integration and the results we have achieved. At a recent Schiebel S-100 User conference, the users rated the PT-8 Oceanwatch as the most impressive sensor.

The turret is now a standard fit on all the demos we perform for Customers (several a month) and in addition we have several ongoing tasks to support the European Maritime and Safety Agency all around Europe, including Croatia, Denmark, Norway and soon to be Greece and Spain. We generally fly 6+ hours every day for these tasks.

To date we have flown hundreds of successful operational hours with the System and remain impressed.

The system is now standard fit on the S-100 for all Customers who require a Maritime capability."

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