Northrop Grumman Finds Sun Fish under Water using Overwatch Imaging's AI-enabled Payload

"Haun [chief strategist for Autonomous Systems at Northrop Grumman ’s Aeronautics] said that prior to the six-stop roadshow, his team did some artificial intelligence-based anomaly detection testing of the [Overwatch Imaging] TK-9 sensor off the California coast and it queued the operators to a specific location in the water and they took a closer look with a sensor and saw it was a sun fish about two-feet below the water surface. He said the fish was about three-feet wide, “and it kind of showed us that there are applications for semi-submersible detection and other things like that that would be mission relevant in the maritime environment. And then we were also detecting everything like surfers and boats.”


Northrop Grumman Demonstrates Optionally-Manned Firebird Aircraft In Maritime Environment - Aviation Today