Overwatch Imaging’s TK Imagers Become a Crucial Tool in Battling the Dixie Fire

Updated: Sep 14

To date, the Dixie Fire has burned 960,335 acres, Cal Fire Reports, which makes this fire the second largest fire in California state history. To help combat this historic blaze, Overwatch Imaging’s TK technology is being used to provide infrared aerial mapping and intelligence to firefighters and incident crews on the ground. Custom fitted to IFR equipped planes, the TK-7 and TK-9 Imagers scan and map (in real-time) the massive fire territory each night, with skilled pilots flying over the blaze for up to ten hours. Nightly thermal maps are a requirement of the USFS NIROPS program, and it’s become clear the precision, speed and intelligence of the Overwatch Imaging system, is superior to the preceding aerial methods.

Traditional methods of aerial survey are unable to provide a solution in time. Satellite Systems are too coarse to see fine detail, or often obscured by clouds or smoke. For the fire crewmembers who rely on accurate, timely information for strategy and safety, the TK-7 and TK-9 deliver. While the incident command teams sleep, Overwatch sensors not only map the area, but its onboard AI processes and refines the data into clear concise information. Armed with the advanced data collected by the TK-7 and TK-9 throughout the night, incident teams can now make response strategies that are more judicious and effective. Knowing the exact territory, the fire has claimed, what assets are in jeopardy and the trajectory of the fire’s progress, ensures greater success in the pursuit to protect what matters most, the people and communities at risk.

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