Overwatch Imaging TK-9 Earthwatch Airborne Sensor Selected for New South Wales Rural Fire Service

Innovative multispectral scanner uses onboard artificial intelligence and automatic data processing to deliver information more quickly to decision-makers

Hood River, OR—December 20, 2019—Overwatch Imaging, a leader in automated airborne imaging systems for piloted and unmanned aircraft, has been selected by Coulson Aviation (USA) Inc to provide the imaging technology package for two Citation V (Model 560) Special Mission platforms in support of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) in Australia. Coulson will install the TK-9 Earthwatch multispectral imaging systems in the Citations, which will serve as lead/intelligence planes in support of a Coulson-provided Boeing 737 Fireliner and other bushfire information needs of the RFS.

Overwatch Imaging systems help organizations quickly find what they are looking for from the air, so they can focus less on the search and more on the best response. The TK-9 Earthwatch will provide fire location information and high-resolution imagery in visible and infrared spectral bands to the RFS. The system's speed of data delivery and automation with customized artificial intelligence software are key to the operation. RFS will use the Citation intelligence aircraft to help it manage bush fires throughout New South Wales, a state of more than 7.5 million people and 800,000 square kilometers (more than 300,000 square miles), which has seen a growing number and intensity of fires in recent years.

"Our goal was to utilize the latest technology on fast, multi-role aircraft to provide the best value for the RFS," said Britton Coulson, President of Coulson Aviation. "Supporting the B737 as the fastest large airtanker, the Citations need to stay ahead and provide updated information very quickly throughout a large state. The TK-9 Earthwatch will allow us to scan vast areas easily and identify the key areas for fire suppression."

"We are honoured to have our Boeing 737 Fireliner and Citation V's chosen by RFS to protect the beautiful state of New South Wales. We see the NSW government leading the industry with new creative solutions in protecting life and property," said Wayne Coulson, President and CEO of the Coulson Group.

"Successful fire management depends on getting the best information to decision-makers at the right time," said Greg Davis, founder and CEO of Overwatch Imaging. "The TK-9 Earthwatch systems on the Citation jets will enable RFS to respond to fires faster and with more precision, creating a more efficient and safer outcome for the firefighters and residents of New South Wales. We're proud to support this exciting program!"

Overwatch Imaging systems are already being used around the world for a variety of demanding large-scale, time-critical applications including mapping wildfires, searching for small boats at sea, monitoring infrastructure for changes, and protecting endangered animals. In addition to providing immediately actionable intelligence, the company's imaging systems create long-lasting data products to monitor changes over time.

About Overwatch Imaging

Overwatch Imaging designs and manufactures imaging systems with custom onboard AI software for both piloted and unmanned aircraft. The precision imaging systems help organizations quickly find what they are looking for from the air, so they can focus less on the search and more on the best response. Specific uses of Overwatch Imaging systems include automated land surveillance, maritime patrol and search, and linear infrastructure inspection. Overwatch Imaging was founded in 2016 by UAS and airborne imaging experts and is based in Hood River, Oregon. For more information, please go to www.overwatchimaging.com.

About Coulson Aviation

Coulson Aviation is a family owned business with global operations in Australia, Canada, Chile, and the United States with its diverse fleet of heavy Fixed and Rotary wing aircraft. In addition to its aerial firefighting, emergency response, and oil spill dispersant operations Coulson is also a world leader in technology and engineering with the largest aerospace design team in Western Canada focusing primarily on special mission modifications. Coulson's latest design, the Boeing 737 FIRELINER, is the first multi-mission large airtanker in the world and the only aircraft that can move up to 72 passengers without requiring the airplane to be re-configured. More information can be found on the company website: www.coulsonaviationusa.com.

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