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Search, Scan, and Detect
Airborne Imaging Solutions 

Portable, Collaborative

AI-enabled Autonomy

Real-time Edge Processing and Data Delivery 

Wide-area, Multispectral Imaging Systems

FOCUS less on the search and more ON THE BEST RESPONSE

Problem: Human-intensive imaging systems require highly trained and alert observers who are tasked with locating small objects in vast landscapes. This manual method of airborne searching can be inefficient, labor-intensive, costly and time consuming.


Solution: Overwatch Imaging develops software-forward airborne imaging solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies in computer vision, GPU processing, Artificial Intelligence, and sensor fusion to automate the role of searching for small objects of interest in time-critical and challenged environments.

overwatch imaing aerial fire mapping water drop web.jpg


Our airborne imaging solutions are designed to scan wide areas,
find small objects of interest 
and deliver actionable intelligence

as quickly and effectively as possible

Our Primary  


Application Examples:

Real-Time Data Delivered When You Need it Most 


Mapping cameras with onboard storage but no real-time operating environment force users to wait until after flights have concluded to work with the data. 


Overwatch Imaging systems analyze full-resolution imagery in real-time, which enables immediate checks of coverage and quality while the aircraft is still in the area of interest and data delivery during flights, or much faster afterwards. 

Our systems only transmit the data required or desired by real-time operators, allowing timely intelligence even in areas with poor or no communications infrastructure (e.g. large wildlands where wildfires burn, the open ocean or stretches of railway between cities).  

This means reporting points of interest in map-format KML or shape files, cross-cueing other sensors for additional inspection, providing image chips or full-resolution raw images for in-flight download, and generating synthetic false-colored images in real time to highlight interesting content.

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