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Overwatch ASO
Automated Sensor Operator

An immediate tactical 
Force Multiplier

In complex operational environments, the ability to automate manual, repetitive, and focus-intensive tasks is an invaluable and immediate tactical force-multiplier.

Overwatch Imaging Automated Sensor Operator (ASO) enhances FMV gimbals with powerful automation capabilities that control sensor steering, collect and analyze raw data, and report actionable intelligence in real-time. 

Unlocking the Value of
Real-Time Intelligence

 The rising demand for sensors and the intelligence produced is rapidly outpacing the bandwidth and availability of skilled operators and analysts.  The ENHANCEMENT of existing hardware and human intelligence with state of the art visual analytics, edge computing and automation will be a powerful tool in bolstering situational awareness, empowering decision making, and contributing to overall success across a wide variety of airborne intelligence missions. 

ASO mission examples

  • Maritime object detection and classification  

  • Linear infrastructure security

  • Surface warfare targeting  

  • Mapping, wildfire intelligence

  • Automated people detection

  • SMART area search

  • MORE

How ASO works

Overwatch ASO is compatible with a growing number of full motion video (FMV) gimbal platforms. The software lives on low-SWaP GPU, is rapidly-deployable, and is supported with updates and new capabilities as they are released. 

At its core, ASO automates three distinct areas of sensor operation: Search, Analysis and Reporting 

Trakka-Systems_TC-300_1-smaller copy.png

Sensor steering and control

ASO software controls the physical movement of the sensor, converting it from a manually operated video gimbal into an automated, image-based system that optimizes data collection for analysis by AI-driven detection algorithms. ASO automatically optimizes zoom, image resolution, overlap, and scan pattern settings based on dynamic mission factors such lighting conditions, flight profile, target of interest size , and desired intelligence output. 

Control of the sensor is easily exchanged between manual and automated operation, allowing for automated detections to be rapidly interrogated by the operator.

Manual search 

FMV Gimbals are are invaluable ISR tools, but they are limited to single target interrogation and require focused effort by skilled operators, who typically have a variety of other tasks to manage at the same time. 

Leveraging ASO for sensor steering and object detection tasks allows operators to  review multiple objects of interest simultaneously while maintaining situational awareness and a continual view of the scene ahead

Search with ASO

ASO people finder.png


The full-stack advantage

Overwatch Imaging is uniquely positioned as an industry pioneer at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, computer vision and remote sensing. Through years of developing our own suite of high-resolution multispectral imaging systems, we have hundreds of terabytes of data from across the globe at our disposal for the development, training and testing of our AI models.

Owning the entire stack, from data collection, to cataloging, labeling, curation, and testing allows us to innovate rapidly, train and test new models with robust data sets, and remain agile with customers to create  important mission capabilities in a matter of weeks instead of months or years. 

Let's talk

We are building the future of autonomous airborne imaging and are eager to learn how our solutions can serve your mission needs. Get in touch with our team any time.  

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