Quality Policy

Overwatch Imaging Quality Policy Statement:

Overwatch is committed to our customers’ success. We will understand the customer’s

requirements, design optimal solutions to meet those requirements and exceed

expectations, conduct our work to ensure quality and value at every stage, and achieve our

commitments before and after delivery. We prefer prototyping, testing and incorporating

customer feedback over theorizing, assuming or insisting that we are right. Our customers’

success is the most important factor in our long-term success.

To meet this commitment, we constantly strive to create a culture of Total Quality in which continuous improvement of our people, our processes, and our products becomes a way of life.


Quality Policy Key Points:

Focus on Customer Success

Ensure Quality and Value Throughout the Process

Listen to Customers

Create a Culture of Quality

Improve Continuously

For our complete Quality Policy, contact us at:  contact@overwatchimaing.com