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Overwatch Imaging Quality Policy Statement:

  • Overwatch is committed to our customers’ success. We will understand the customer’s

  • requirements, design optimal solutions to meet those requirements and exceed

  • expectations, conduct our work to ensure quality and value at every stage, and achieve our

  • commitments before and after delivery. We prefer prototyping, testing and incorporating

  • customer feedback over theorizing, assuming or insisting that we are right. Our customers’

  • success is the most important factor in our long-term success.

To meet this commitment, we constantly strive to create a culture of Total Quality in which continuous improvement of our people, our processes, and our products becomes a way of life.


Quality Policy Key Points:

  • Focus on Customer Success

  • Ensure Quality and Value Throughout the Process

  • Listen to Customers

  • Create a Culture of Quality

  • Improve Continuously

For our complete Quality Policy, contact us at: 

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