Overwatch Imaging is creating the next generation of imaging capabilities for both piloted and unmanned aircraft.  We are looking for smart teammates who are passionate about airborne image collection and autonomous analysis using AI. We look for people who thrive in an exciting, fast-moving small-team environment. 


If you want to invent systems that enable widespread adoption of airborne imaging for large-scale, time-critical civil and special missions, check out our job openings below!

To apply, please send us a message through our website Contact page.  All positions are based in beautiful Hood River, Oregon, USA.



We strive to create the best environment for the amazing people who work here. Our team members enjoy these benefits:

  • Influence. Help shape the architecture and the roadmap as we grow.

  • Great clients.  We innovate for the best users in the industry.

  • Flat structure.  Trust and engagement brings us together.

  • Camaraderie.  We conquer challenges and celebrate successes together.

  • Health and wellness.  Medical insurance and a culture of fitness.

  • Flexible schedule.  Work when you are most productive.

  • Generous paid time off.  Enjoy your time in and out of the office.

  • Best technology.  Develop with the latest and greatest electronics.

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January 24, 2022

Business Development Executive

The Overwatch Imaging Business Development Executive will connect the innovative technologies and solutions developed within the company to high-value clients with a win-win, customer-centric approach.  From marketing and new lead generation through proposal development and pricing to contract award and post-award customer relationship management, this senior leader will deliver sustainable revenue growth.

January 24, 2022

Vice President of Business Development

The Overwatch Imaging Vice President of Business Development is responsible for generating revenue, expanding the company’s customer base and market, and identifying new opportunities for the company to make an impact.  Working closely with the executive team and reporting to the CEO, this senior leader will identify opportunities and deliver new sales, grow sales with existing customers, execute a sustainable strategy for product monetization and for future growth, and maintain accurate revenue forecasts.  Both directly and through effective management of team members, the VP of BD will manage high-value customer relationships, represent Overwatch Imaging technology with expertise and passion, foster rapid business growth, and beat the sales targets.

January 01, 2022

Airborne Imaging Specialist

The Overwatch Airborne Imaging Specialist will operate Overwatch imaging systems and generate maps and other derived information products for customers in critical civil, industrial, and specialty applications, while providing feedback to drive continuous product improvement.

January 01, 2022

Production Technician and Material Planner

The Overwatch Imaging Production Technician and Material Planner will build and test electronics and precision optical systems. This team member ensures products are built to our high standards and working as intended to support delivery of advanced imaging payloads for airborne systems.  This employee will manage inventory and ensure that material resources are consistent with production schedules.

January 01, 2022

Geospatial Data Software Engineer

This position will design and implement connections between imagery captured by our products and outside map data. This Engineer will support image manipulation and image data management software to enable customers to easily and automatically consume our intelligence outputs.

January 01, 2022

Director of Business Operations

This position will be responsible for the administration and maturation of Overwatch Imaging as a business. Working closely with the CEO, the executive team, and outside professionals, this versatile and trustworthy leader will significantly contribute to company growth and success.

January 01, 2022

Software Engineer

This engineer will design and implement software and firmware to transform high-level user inputs and raw data into real-time customer intelligence. The full-stack Engineer will work hands-on with prototype and low-rate production automated imaging systems to develop and test embedded hardware drivers, realtime onboard image processing and artificial intelligence algorithms, and user interfaces.

January 01, 2022

General Applicants

At Overwatch, we are building a great team that is passionately pursuing better ways to collect and analyze information about our world.  We are opening new opportunities for our customers and end-users to gain intelligence more efficiently and effectively.  If you are passionate about applying new ideas in autonomy, big-data processing, and airborne imaging to solve complicated problems at large scale, and if you love working hard in a small-team, fast-moving environment, then we want to meet you!