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Overwatch Imaging systems analyze full-resolution imagery in real-time, which enables immediate checks of coverage and quality while the aircraft is still in the area of interest.

Our systems only transmit the data required or desired by real-time operators, allowing timely intelligence even in areas with poor or no communications infrastructure (e.g. large wildlands where wildfires burn, the open ocean or stretches of railway between cities).

This means reporting points of interest in map-format KML or shape files, cross-cueing other sensors for additional inspection, providing image chips or full-resolution raw images for in-flight download, and generating synthetic false-colored images in real time to highlight interesting content.

Mapping cameras with onboard storage but no real-time operating environment force users to wait until after flights have concluded to work with the data. Overwatch Imaging systems deliver intelligence during flights or much faster afterwards.

Our systems operate in an automated scanning mode to increase data coverage at high resolution. Because our systems use an onboard AI software to analyze imagery in real time, the system cameras can move quickly between each ground location, without being limited by human interpretation time or datalink transmission bottlenecks.

Overwatch Imaging systems enable real-time intelligence, decrease data transfer challenges and greatly reduce post-flight processing time.

Our systems for overland applications can increase per-pass data coverage by up to 4x, including overlap between images. This means users can either collect 4x the amount of ground per pass or increase the resolution by 4x, or some combination of both.

Overwatch Imaging systems greatly increase the size of an area that can be analyzed, the speed at which it can be analyzed and the resolution of the imagery.



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