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How we develop technology that meets your needs

At Overwatch Imaging, we believe that the technology should match the users' needs, not the other way around. We can help you apply precision imaging systems, advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence software to suit your mission objectives and constraints. From airspace issues to logistics planning, and image collection to knowledge delivery, the Overwatch Imaging team has seen the airborne information industry from all angles and can provide valuable perspective as you develop a concept of operation to meet new applications.

Overwatch Imaging CONOPS development services include:

  • End-to-end data delivery workflow planning

  • Operational tempo and flight scheduling

  • Image and mission simulation

  • Airspace considerations


Overwatch Imaging builds systems that are suitable for many applications. If your mission demands a particular outcome not well served by traditional mapping cameras or video gimbals, we can adapt our imaging system software to help you achieve it.
Software customization options include:
  • Real-time onboard object detection and classification with human-engineered and deep learning techniques

  • Real-time and post-flight synthetic imagery generation, such as false-colored or enhanced imagery

  • Real-time and archived data formatting to adapt into existing workflows

  • Bandwidth sizing to work with various datalinks

  • Autonomous actions and reporting

OPERATIONAL TRAINING AND IN-FIELD SUPPORT The team of professionals at Overwatch Imaging has thousands of hours piloting and operating airborne imaging systems. We have subject matter experts with expertise in the entire imagery intelligence collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination cycle. The professional training and in-field support services for our imaging systems include:

  • Representative data collection

  • Basic and advanced system operation

  • Data processing and workflow generation

  • NDVI processing and multi-spectral imagery analysis



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