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Introducing Linewatch: Automated linear infrastructure Inspection

Long linear infrastructure, including railroad tracks, gas pipelines and highways, require frequent inspection for safety and compliance. Airborne inspections using Overwatch Imaging Linewatch cost-effectively help improve infrastructure safety, meet compliance requirements and reduce inspection-related downtime.

High-resolution imagery analyzed at the edge

Linewatch simplifies infrastructure inspection by automatically following defined linear paths and collecting gap-free imagery along the structure at flight speeds. The imaging system collects and analyzes a huge amount of data to proactively find indicators of problems before they turn into major issues. While the aircraft flies over the infrastructure, the AI-based software in Linewatch immediately alerts clients of issues, reducing response time and improving safety. We work closely with our clients’ infrastructure managers to ensure the data-retention and custom-anomaly-detection software in our imaging systems meet applicable inspection requirements.

Inspections at scale, day or night

Linewatch enables airborne infrastructure inspections at scale day and night. Nighttime inspections are often easier for asset scheduling and the airspace is less congested at that time. The flexible Overwatch Imaging gimbal architecture allows us to customize Linewatch to include the optimal spectral band cameras, from UV to thermal infrared, for new applications. Our imaging systems allow linear infrastructure inspection at aircraft speeds, greatly accelerating the tedious job of inspecting for compliance obligations.

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