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Overwatch AI software enhances Tekever maritime patrol UAS

The PT-8 Oceanwatch AI-based payload from Ocean Imaging has been integrated for 360° automatic small target detection aboard the Tekever AR5 MALE maritime surveillance UAS.

Announcing the development on 7 March during the World Defense Show 2022 in Riyadh, Tekever added that the sensor ‘automatically detects targets, and allows the operator to recognise and validate the information’.

Tiago Nunes, product director at Portugal-based Tekever, said: ‘Because it’s based on visual data, the PT-8 Oceanwatch allows us to consider very significant information for automatic classification, such as the colour of the targets. We believe it will greatly help us improve mission effectiveness.’

The AR5 can either be flown manually or commanded to perform specific missions fully autonomously. Seamless transitions between an LoS data link and a high-speed BLOS SATCOM data link ensure that communications between the UAS and its operating station remain reliable and secure at any range.

PT-8 Oceanwatch is a passive image-based radar system that enables a much faster search for small or long-range maritime objects compared to traditional maritime patrol systems that use video or human-based search alone.

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