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Outward facing payloads optimized for wide-area search, detection, and ISR missions.

PT-Series smart sensors are versatile, autonomous, multi-mission imaging systems optimized to quickly search vast areas and detect small objects of interest. Positive search results alert pilots, operators, or other networked devices with geospatial intelligence. These systems are day and night capable, and are SWaP optimized for integration into a wide range of crewed and uncrewed aircraft. 

  • Automated step-stare imaging provides high-resolution multispectral data

  • Real-time onboard processing

  • Powerful suite of AI modules available

  • Custom integration support

  • Edge processing and computing 



The lowest-SWaP system in the series, the PT-6 is designed for UAS integration. It operates on a roll-axis, similar to TK series payloads, but is built for the wide-area search and ISR missions the PT series excels at. 

Size: 90x 60 cm 

Weight: 2.5 kg

Avg. Power: 30w

Cameras: RGB, LWIR


pt8 cutout.png

The PT-8D is a cost-effective solution for specific wide-area search and ISR applications in daytime hours when imaging in additional spectral bands is not necessary.  

Size:44 x 28 cm

Weight: 9 kg

Avg. Power: 40w

Cameras: RGB
Forward video: RGB, LWIR optional 


PT cutout.png

Equipped with multiple HD thermal cameras, the PT-8N is optimized for night and crossover day/night operations when long-range detection with little or no visible light is available. 

Size: 21 x 29

Weight: ~ 9 kg

Avg. Power: 70w

Cameras: LWIR (2x, HD)

Forward video: RGB, LWIR


PT-8 DN windows cloned.png

The best of both worlds, the PT-8DN is a versatile day-night payload with dual RGB sensors of different focal lengths and an HD LWIR sensor. A low SWaP form makes it ideal for UAS integration and compatibility with multi-sensor platforms. 

Size: 20 x 31 cm

Weight: 7.5 kg

Avg. Power: 70 w

Cameras: RGB 2x, LWIR (HD)

Forward video: RGB, LWIR

Increased situational awareness,
reduced operator burden 

Overwatch Imaging's PT Series payloads automate the labor-intensive and often critical task of searching for small objects of interest in vast and challenging environments. Equipped with the latest in multispectral sensor technology and powered by sophisticated AI and machine learning software, our systems ease operator burden and reduce task saturation by automatically scanning vast search areas and alerting operators or cueing other networked devices with image chips and geospatial intelligence for further review or action. 

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Automation and AI 

Overwatch imaging payloads are equipped with automated imaging software that enables sensor operation, automated step-stare imaging and a wide range of processing capabilities. Additional AI modules are also available, to help achieve more specific mission objectives. 

PT Series AI examples

  • Boat finder

  • Hot object, surface anomaly detection 

  • Whale detection

  • Flight Planner

  • Geofence exclusion

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