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NADIR oriented sensor payloads optimized for high-resolution, wide-area mapping and ISR

TK-Series smart sensors are intelligence workhorses packed with cutting-edge remote sensing and edge computing technology. Powered by sophisticated AI and machine learning routines, TK systems are developed for a wide range of missions and applications. TK systems are optimized for high-resolution imagery that can be viewed in real-time, processed and delivered quickly, or archived for post processing.

  • Automated step-stare imaging provides high-resolution multispectral data

  • Real-time onboard processing

  • Powerful suite of AI modules available

  • Custom integration support

  • Edge processing and computing 


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The lowest SWaP of the TK series, the TK-7 is optimized for low to mid altitude mapping and ISR applicaitons. Wide and narrow lens configurations are available to match mission objectives.  

Size: 28 x 28 x 20 cm

Weight: 5 kg

Avg. Power: 50w

Cameras: RGB, NIR, LWIR


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With a  360° roll, the TK-8 offers the widest imaging swath of the TK series. It's suitable for low to high altitude operations and is equipped with a full range of spectral band imagers. 

Size: 49 x 17 x 19 cm

Weight: 11 kg

Avg. Power: 140w



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Built for the fastest and highest altitude operation, the TK-9 is an enclosed payload that integrates into the airframe and incorporates a full range of spectral band imagers. 

Size: Depends on form factor

Weight: ~ 27 kg

Avg. Power: 140 w


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Powerful onboard processing delivers critical data, FAST

Overwatch Imaging's powerful processing architecture and AI functionality analyze full resolution imagery on the edge, in real-time. This allows for immediate interpretation and interaction with image data, checks of coverage and quality while the aircraft is still in the area of interest, and data delivery during flights, or quickly afterwards.


Our systems only transmit the data required or desired by real-time operators, allowing timely intelligence even in areas with poor or no communications infrastructure. This means reporting points of interest in map-format KML orshapefile, cross-cueing other sensors for additional inspection, providing image chips or full-resolution raw images for in-flight download, and generating synthetic false-colored images in real time to highlight interesting content.


Automation and AI 

All TK series payloads are equipped with automated imaging software that enables sensor operation, automated step-stare imaging and a wide range of processing capabilities. Additional AI modules are also available, to help achieve more specific mission objectives. 

AI feature examples

  • Automated fire mapping,

  • Perimeter and hotspot highlighting

  • Oil spill mapping

  • Automated object detection 

  • Flight Planner

  • Scene Change Detection 

  • Heavy Machine Finder

  • NDVI mapping

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