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Passive remote sensing technology for mapping kelp forests

We're pleased to share these lengthy technical papers from the Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology for the remote sensing and geospatial aficionados who have stumbled into our blog.

Remote sensing and GIS-based methods to address key questions about the stability of subtidal kelp beds across multiple spatial and temporal scales.

See here for direct-reference to NDVI imaging of kelp beds:

Overwatch Imaging smart sensors capture imagery across multiple spectral bands simultaneously (including RGB, NIR, SWIR, LWIR and MWIR) in a co-boresighted array with a dual-antenna Global Positioning System (GPS) inertial navigation system. In this clip, the operator toggles between spectral bands in real-time as the aircraft flies over an offshore kelp bed. The system's NDVI output proves particularly effective for highlighting the vegetation and macro algae of the kelp bed.

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